Dr. John Mason & Queensferry Museum

Dr John Mason

We are currently researching material for a talk on February 26th 2020 about Dr. John Mason, the much respected and loved former Dominie at Queensferry School.  He was a pioneering educationalist, soldier, war poet, journalist, writer, historian, gardener, and much more.  He is also credited with the opening of our town museum.

In preparing for this talk, we would very much like to hear from anyone who has recollections of John Mason, and we intend to include these and any anecdotes in the talk, where possible.  A large part of his legacy to the town was indeed its museum.  He had pioneering views on its development, arguably creating Scotland’s first community museum.  

Queensferry Heritage Trust has embarked on a project to promote, support, and invigorate our town museum to protect and grow our heritage and history therein.  We would be interested, therefore, to hear any views from the Queensferry community as to how you think our museum could be developed and what you would like to see in the future.  There will be a discussion on this during the latter part of the February talk.

Trevor Whittley

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