Provost’s Lamp

Burgh Provost’s Lamp

The lamp stands on Villa Road outside the former home of James Milne, the last Provost of Queensferry.

At the end of last year one of our members brought to our attention the fact that the Insignia on the glass of the Provost’s Lamp on Villa Road had significantly deteriorated and had almost disappeared.

The Heritage Trust has replaced the four glazing panels which include the above insignia, etched onto the panels by artist Jenny Smith of the Edinburgh Laser Studio.  We are grateful to City of Edinburgh Council Lighting Department, who installed the new panels into the frames.

This project is one of a number of on-going and future projects which Queensferry Heritage Trust has agreed to undertake.

2 thoughts on “Provost’s Lamp”

  1. James Milne was a true gentleman always immaculate in his dress and manners. He would take time to stop and speak and ask how things were. The world needs more people like him.

  2. I was good friends with his son David Milne or “ Minto” as I knew him and we played in the local scout pipe band. Provost Milne worked in the VAT69 distillery up the loan, long since gone. Spent many an afternoon in their home with Minto and had great respect for his Dad!

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